In a small village in rural Hertfordshire this garden was an uninspiring space with stunning views. The rear of the property faces due south, with views to the west, so the key was to keep the space bonded to the house whilst also orientating the eye to the stunning views in the west. The garden is long and quite narrow so the design had to deal with this and make it feel more spacious.



The brief was to create a garden that was low maintenance, inviting and made the most of the views to the west.

The client wanted a space that fitted energetically with the area and the garden's surroundings whilst creating a calm and functional space for entertaining and relaxing.

We looked at a number of options to work with this space and ultimately  decided to work around an old willow on the left hand side of the garden, using it as a point around which to build the key features of the design. 

The design changed slightly mid process when we decided to add an extra set of patio doors to the house in order to bring light and space into the clients work room, which now has its own sunken deck area. 

We planted over 300 small perennials, several large shrubs and 2 large multi-stem Betula Jacquemontii and gave the overgrown apple trees and willow a professional haircut.


The client later added a summerhouse, bulb planting was carried out the following autumn and the garden has now developed beautifully and is a much more inviting space.

One year on from planting we had the pleasure of visiting our client to see how the garden was progressing. The space was starting to settle and feel like it had always been there and the beds were full of expectation and burgeoning with new growth with a mass of blooms waiting to explode.  Happily our client is loving the space and spending ever more time enjoying the garden as it evolves.