The school wanted to create an appealing garden within an existing courtyard which could be used for school assemblies, for children to engage with nature and plants and as an area for children to sit and simply think and reflect.  The courtyard is a thoroughfare between school buildings so the design had to be carefully incorporated within existing walkways. Different floor surfaces were used to add to the sensory experience and plants were chosen for their scent, bold colour or for their tactile or structural qualities: Fatsia japonica, Stipa tenuissima, Stipa gigantea, Calamagrostis, Lavandula, Stachys byzantina and Mahonia 'Soft Caress' among those that fulfilled this brief. The pupils had also been busy painting and decorating individual stones with depictions of faith and these needed to be incorporated into the design for display.

The pictures above illustrate the courtyard space as it was beforehand and the initial design we produced for reshaping the area: the photos below show the end result.