Georgian Town house garden

Our clients had a tricky dilemma, they were totally in love with their house and the interior, but the tired and unexciting garden was enough for them to be considering moving. It was quite a brief to be given - create a garden that will that will make us want to stay here - the style needed to be classic, floriferous and be reminiscent of some National Trust gardens (like Hidcote), with trees for shade, a ground level trampoline for the kids and a garden extension onto the garage roof at the end of the garden.

View from the balcony of the house, about two weeks after planting.

View from the balcony of the house, about two weeks after planting.

An avenue of cherries

Our design centred on one key idea- that of having an avenue of flowering cherries (Prunus ‘Shirotae’) leading from the house down the garden to a key transition point that divided the space creating a second distinct space. The second Transition was slightly more tricky, how to get from the garden level up to the garage roof, 1 metre higher, and making that feel both natural and seamless. The solution was a curving path and bridge with a three drop water feature.

A view down the avenue of cherries

A view down the avenue of cherries

Repetition of planting

The avenue is planted with a simple repetition planting, each tree having a repeated planting creating a simple easy on the eye formality.


Steps, bridge and water feature

Constructed from Oak sleepers the steps up to the garage roof and over the water feature will weather down and develop as the planting settles and softens.

Our clients were so delighted with the garden once it was finished, we had a very emotional moment when they finally saw the finished garden - moving house is no longer on the cards!