Planting Plan VW.jpg

Garden revamp

Our client was looking for inspiration to motivate her to recreate her family back garden as a space that not only served as a place for children to play imaginatively, but appealed to her aesthetic. An interior designer with impeccable taste, she wanted to be able to look out at her garden and feel a sense of satisfaction and relaxed enjoyment.

As the stunning kitchen which leads into the garden is the heart of the house where the family variously eats, works and relaxes, the garden really needed to be an extension of that.

It was also important to make sure a sense of intrigue came through in the design as the original space was a long, relatively narrow stretch of grass leading off from a rectangular terrace and edged with narrow borders, leaving nothing unseen.

We produced a design and planting plans which effectively divided the garden into three distinct sections: firstly terrace into open lawn edged with more structured, formal planting consisting of clipped yew balls, lavender, sedum and the vertical, ornamental grass, Calamagrostis. This then transitions into an area of much more dense planting, creating a wilder, more jungle-esque sense with a gravel path meandering through it; at the end of which a pergola walkway leads through to a raised, hidden terrace at the end of the garden.

The client was delighted with our plans which now enable her do carry out the work herself and in her own time.