We are currently working on a West Oxfordshire garden which the owners wanted to transform from a largely blank space of lawn, to something with a bit more shape and form, filled with cottage garden style planting.

We have kept things simple, enlarging the existing perimeter borders, adding some softer curves and adding a new bed in a more central position to link the terrace to the lawn and planting. The terrace is currently being relaid, extended and reconfigured in order to make more use of new doors opening from the conservatory directly out to the garden and existing pots and containers are being used to add accents to the terrace space.

The beds will be filled with a mixture of shrubs and floriferous perennials in a limited colour palette consisting largely of pinks and whites with touches of lilac and blue, carefully planted in drifts to achieve a satisfying rhythm, and a run of low box hedging will edge the inside boundary of the new bed to help accent the new structure and shape of the garden.

The plans have been approved and the planting itself is due to take place in the spring.