Outdoor Learning Area for School

We are currently working on a design for a second school in Warwickshire who require a new area within their playground for the children to be able to work, play and learn outdoors. The idea is for pupils to learn, experiment and even make mess in a plant-filled, inspiring, natural environment. The school is also committed to a sustainable approach and this has been instrumental in the material and plant choices.

Our initial plans have arranged the overall area to incorporate 4 distinct spaces which fulfil various functions:-

1. The welcome tree - for parents to meet and collect their children at the end of the school day.

2. The Play Jungle - an area with an inbuilt table for classes to work outside unhindered by the need to be tidy and clean.

3. The Story Tree - by creating raised beds and curved benches benches around the existing cherry tree, this would be an area for classes to have story time surrounded by beautiful plants.

4. The Quiet Space - a small, comfortable spot for teachers and children to have one to one time if required, away from the hubbub of the main playground.