These clients had an attractive but overgrown garden which they wanted to clear and give a re-boot. Fig worked with them in a consultative capacity in order to help them understand where to start to tackle the project and provided advice and planting plans to help them make the most of their space. A section up some steps at the back of the garden was overgrown, dark and had lost its appeal, and the main lawn, which was long and narrow, was predominantly given over to childrens’ play equipment and edged by beds which had grown out of control.

After consultation the clients had their garden cleared of all the unwanted overgrowth, reshaped the borders slightly and edged them neatly with bricks left over from their old terrace area. A gravel path was created in the back section of the garden, leading to the seating area and drawing attention all the way up the length of the garden.  Fig drew up planting plans and sourced and planted the beds, resulting in a garden with a lot more space and light, an attractive, secluded but airy seating area at the back and beds filled with desirable shrubs for structure and drifts of cottage garden perennials.

Space was also created for the children to have their own planting beds and a high bed at the top of a wall was planted with trailing plants to create a Mediterranean feel in the basement level, outdoor kitchen seating area.